Become a Verified Member

A verified member is a supplier that business2commerce has verified that it is a genuine company carrying out legitimate business in its country of operation.  To do this we will require certain information from the company to authenticate its existence and operation e.g., physical location, P.O.BOX No.   Copy of certificate of incorporation, copy of business licence and company telephone no. , Copy of either Electricity, Water, or Telephone bill

 Verification is absolutely Free

 Enquire  form  details

 Benefits of a verified member

  •  Dedicated service from our sales excecutives. Each verified member will get a dedicated sales executive to address all issues including product upload and display.


  • Customers knows they are dealing with a legitimate business hence attract quality customers


  • Verified members get   preference in product display ranking on supplier list, hence 20 times more likely to attract quality customers than unverified members


  • will direct inquiries it receives direct from customers to verified members


  • Link to your company website.


  • Verified members will get Automated Product promotion on the website.


        * Verified members will get discounted pricing on adverts for any product promotion on home page


        * Verified members will receive alerts on any  local or international trade shows


  • Display more products than unverified suppliers         


   CATEGORY               No. of Products                    Symbol

Platinum membership      300 product displays            *****

Gold membership           100 product displays              ****

Silver membership          50 product displays              ***

Bronze membership         25 product displays               **

Unverified Members       5 product displays

NB: Documents supplied for verification purposes will be strictly used for that purpose and will be held confidential.

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